How to Choose the Best Work Gloves for Extreme Cold Weather?

How to Choose the Best Work Gloves for Extreme Cold Weather Protecting your hands from the cold can come at the cost of extra bulkiness and a significant loss of dexterity. The best work gloves for extreme cold weather provide the greatest warmth while also minimizing bulk.

Manufacturers achieve the best work gloves for extreme cold weather by using the best materials. Kinds of leather are popular for the outer layer of such gloves. While leather is not the most insulating material, it is durable, flexible, and windproof. Inside winter gloves, expect something like foam fleece or Thinsulate. Compared to cotton flannel, these materials are very warm and less bulky than many other warm materials. 

One of the things that make our best work gloves for extreme cold weather different to others on the market is that our inner layers are designed like gloves in their own right before we insert them. We take this extra step because we know how important fit is in an ideal work glove. It doesn’t make sense to use our expertise to design and manufacture an excellent glove, only to stuff warm material into it at the last minute. 

When you wear one of our gloves for extreme cold weather, expect the same extreme comfort that you would expect from any other of our gloves. Choose cotton flannel carefully according to the application. While it provides insulation, trapping air between the loosely intertwined fibers, note that it is also absorbent. For extreme cold, look to wool, fleece, or Thinsulate, which trap more air than cotton flannel.

Our Cold Protection Gloves

Split Cowhide Leather Palm Glove with Fabric Back & Fleece Pile Lining – these gloves are ideal for outdoor work in dry cold. Customers have used these for refrigeration work, farming, construction, machine operation, and much more. The leather is durable but breathable and will protect your hands from abrasions, while the fleece lining keeps your hands very warm. The cut of the gloves makes them lighter, without compromising on protection where you need it. And you’ll find that they are more comfortable and offer more dexterity than similar-looking gloves on the market.

Hi-Vis Seamless Knit Acrylic Terry Glove (with Latex-Coated Microfinish Grip on Palm and Fingers) – this is one of the best work gloves for extreme cold weather if you are looking for economy and high-performance. The thermal insulation is excellent. The Latex Microfinish gives the user enhanced grip and, therefore, enhanced safety in icy and other cold conditions, including refrigeration work, commercial fishing, and outdoor winter activities. TheMicrofinish acts like suction cups on the item you are handling, so they not only keep your hands warm but give you peace of mind. And you don’t need to worry about them feeling too wet, because we’ve designed them to evaporate moisture from the skin. 


Split Cowhide Leather Palm Glove (with Fabric Back & Fleece Lining and Rubberized Safety Cuff) – this is a great glove for cold environments that are also dry. Suppose you know that you will be performing dry work. In that case, these gloves will provide you with comfort, resistance, breathability, and protect your hands from abrasion. The extraordinary warmth of these gloves is provided by extra thick fleece. This glove is also helps you keep safe with leather knuckles, an elastic closure inside the glove, and a rubberized safety cuff to protect your wrist.

Men’s Heavy Weight Cotton / Polyester Jersey Glove with Red Jersey Liner – for one of the best work gloves for extreme cold weather that’s on the lighter side, check out this glove with cotton/polyester construction. The heaviness makes it excellent for cold applications and you’ll find that the jersey lining is not only warm, but also soft and flexible. Ideal for general labor, cleaning, agriculture, among other applications, are frequently used for light protection in warehousing, the automobile industry, and farming. 


Top Grain Cowhide Leather Glove with Red Foam Lining – these gloves provide the comfort and protection of our best cold weather gloves with exceptional durability. The leather meets the requirements for Chromium VI-free leather. And note that the straight thumb makes it great for closed-fisted work.


This is only a selection of our best work gloves for extreme cold weather. Explore our range to find the gloves you need for you and your workforce. Or get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we can help you. For practicality, comfort, and uncompromising protection from the cold, we have the work gloves you need. 

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