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Bhutta® gloves is a registered trademark of a Parent company Bhutta Gloves Industries headquartered in Staten Island, New York. Bhutta Industries opened its doors in 1992 with the CEO Muhammad Rafique Bhutta stitching gloves by himself. Today Bhutta® gloves is a well known safety gloves brand recognized in the global markets by its thousands of unqiue & innovative hand protection solutions.

We sell our products thorugh our exclusive distributiors, retail partners, Bhutta® own retail locations, & directly as well. Furthermore, you can buy our products online at amazon but our distributors are the best source to buy Bhutta® gloves products. Contact us to find your nearest distribution or save with our own in-house distribution when placing order directly with us.

Bhutta® Gloves offers it customers to avail the oppurtunity of buying its products in bulk at the import price, in which you can place an order with us and order will be shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to your doorstep.

Bhutta® Gloves have everything you're looking for. Please watch our Glove buying guide to determine which glove best fits to your needs.

If you're not a Bhutta® gloves distributor yet, Please contact our team through our email or by phone 646-944 2800 to get more information.

  1. Contact our Customer Care Department at 1-646-944-2800.

  2. Email quote requests to; please allow at least one business day turnaround for emailed quotes.

Technical questions will be answered by our eCommerce Tech Team. They are available Monday through Friday 8am-7pm ET at 1-646-944-2800. General Customer Care is available Monday through Friday 7am-11pm ET and Saturday 8am-5pm ET at 1-646-944-2800.

Direct ship lead times change depending upon the order size and are verified at the time of order by an Bhutta Industries Customer Care representative contacting the vendor/ Production manager by phone, email or fax.


VMI is a program that was designed to meet your specific procurement or replenishment needs and we assigned one of our VMI specialists to manage your inventory regularly on site and either reorder or provide recommendations for replenishing your supplies. Our VMI specialist will help identify, label and establish minimum and maximum inventory levels.

Yes, we do. Our import program falls under direct selling and we have our own in-house distribution program for New york and New jersey, however, we use number of prominent distributors to provide first class services to our customers who are not in Bhutta®'s  in-house distribution network.

We have sales managers throughout america to provide our first class services to our customers. To speak with someone in your area, visit our Contact Us page to find your local rep.

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