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Since 1992, Bhutta Industries has worked to make a difference in our customers' lives in ways that matter most to them.


Since our earliest days, we’ve strived to find new ways to enrich our customers’ lives, have their backs and provide our special brand of service, in ways both big and small.

That standard of excellence guides us today. We promise to understand, respect and back our customers, and help them on their personal journeys. Because when our customers thrive, so do we.


Principles we follow:


Bhutta Industries continues in business with the values, traditions and principles it was founded on. Experience, customer loyalty, and a vast and highly competitive product line are the fundamental standards that set us apart in the industry.


Our business is further enhanced by our continually cultivated long-term supplier relationships, which serve our customers where they require it the most - in consistent quality, pricing and availability. At Bhutta Industries we confidently stand behind the integrity of our products, ensuring they always meet the expectations of our customers without exception.


With new and exciting ideas always on the horizon, Bhutta Industries maintains a progressive outlook towards design and product development, in order to promote continued innovation and progress. Dedication, loyalty, dependability and experience are what truly set us apart from the rest, nation-wide.




Bhutta® Cares

Bhutta® gloves is a registered brand of a parent company Bhutta Industries. Bhutta® Gloves has been one of the leading & trusted brand for personal protective equipment (PPE) in North America for more than 30 years.


Who we are today


Today, Bhutta gloves® is many things to many different customers: an expert consultant, a innovator, and more generally, a manufactruer of wide-ranging industrial & safety gloves. We have our own manufacturing facilites under the same name which gives us a competitive edge in manufacturing and enabling us to provide first class services to our valuable customers. Today our international headquarters are strategically located in Staten Island, New York. Multiple distribution centers are strategically located outside the US to support our international efforts. We sell our products thorugh our exclusive distributiors, retail partners, Bhutta® own retail locations, & directly as well. Specializing in leather gloves, Bhutta® product portfolio has thousands of glove designs made from different materials for different uses in many different industries. Additionally, we pride ourselves in providing our distributors & customers technical expertise and superior customer service.

In New York City area, we provide JOBSITE SOLUTIONS to our customers, Leveraging our local footprint to provide impactful services and solutions along with consistent pricing, service levels, and reporting for local construction customers.


A Comprehensive Product Offering

Looking to leverage and optimize spend across multiple categories? Tap into our broad range of gloves offering to gain instant buying power and efficiency.

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