Cuff styles

Cuff Style is important to consider when selecting a work glove, as it can offer protection and fit that may be necessary for certain applications.

Knit Wrist cuff

Offers comfort and a snug fit. This cuff style is generally a stretch-knit fabric sewn into the leather work glove. It helps prevent particles and debris from falling into the glove.

Safety cuff

Protects the wearer’s wrist and ensures quick removal should the glove become entangled with product or machinery. It is usually about two and one-half inches long

Gauntlet cuff

This cuff style provides additional wrist and forearm protection (usually four and one-half inches) for workers that may have to reach into areas that could catch, cut or snag the forearm or wrist.



Band Top cuff

Band of material sewn to the glove for light duty wrist protection.


Slip On cuff

Easy on and off style with glove material extending to the wrist area. Generally found on drivers gloves.





No cuff, glove material extends over wrist area for faster, easier donning



Economical, single fabric



Two layers of fabric laminated together. Used on light to mid-duty styles.



Rubber material laminated between two layers of fabric, used on mid to heavy-duty style.



For longer wear and more demanding applications.



Greater durability. Absorbs sweat and won't give the clammy feel of an unsupported glove. Better tactile feel and dexterity. Lower cost.



Better tactile feel and dexterity. Lower cost.



Flocklined gloves have an internal coating of short cotton fibers, which promotes easier donning and doffing of gloves, as well as improved comfort.



Unlined gloves do not have a knitted or woven internal liner. As a general rule, they have a higher degree of dexterity and tactility but provide lower resistance against mechanical hazards

Thumb Design

Thumb design makes a big difference in the functionality and comfort of a leather glove.

Straight thumb

A straight thumb is a continuous full leather thumb with a sewn seam around the thumb. This design is most commonly used due to its economical pricing.

Wing thumb

A wing thumb design has the thumb sewn out to the side of the glove. Welts are added to the seams for strength and less stress on the palm.

Keystone thumb

A keystone thumb style has a set-in thumb that is sewn in as a separate piece and positioned to provide maximum comfort, reinforced extra stitching and improved dexterity.


Cut Patterns

The way a glove is cut contributes to its dexterity and comfort.

Gunn cut gloves

Gunn cut gloves have a single-piece seamless back – the entire back and all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather. The palm, little finger and index finger are cut from one piece of leather and the two middle fingers are cut from another piece and sewn separately to minimize bulk in those fingers, increasing dexterity. This cut provides better wear and greater comfort.

Clute cut gloves

Clute cut gloves offer a palm free of stitching. The palm and all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather and on the back side each finger is a separate piece of leather. This provides a roomier fit.

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